Areas of Practice

Augusta Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal defense covers a broad range of charges ranging across fraud, murder, tax evasion, and more. Learn more about Michael Garrett’s experience and areas of practice below, then contact him to get Augusta, Ga.’s best criminal defense lawyer on your case! 

Other Areas

Garrett has defended clients against a host of charges. The following list includes areas he can assist in:


Traditionally, a crime related to the burning of someone’s home, but in present time it also includes the burning of any type of property (home, building, or land).


An agreement between two or more individuals planning to commit a criminal activity.

Child pornography

Usually considered an internet sex crime, when an individual has been accused of possessing or distributing child pornography.


Generally refers to public officials accepting money, gifts, or other items of value, in exchange for voting or taking action a certain way. Bribery is typically a felony offense, and if convicted, could result in serving time in prison. Both the briber (the giver of the bribe) and the bribee (the receiver of the bribe) are at fault in a bribery case.

Criminal or civil forfeiture

This occurs when the government takes property connected to criminal activity. Criminal forfeiture is when property is taken away from the individual convicted of a crime because it’s connected to the criminal charges. Civil forfeiture is when the property is taken away, but the owner of the property is not accused of a crime – the charges are against the property itself.

Firearms violations

Many types of firearms violations could be classified under this category, including:  Criminal intent, carrying a concealed weapon without proper permits, possessing stolen weapons, failing to register a firearm, possessing illegal weapons (sawed-off shotguns, automatic weapons, silencers, etc.), illegal weapon trafficking, possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, etc.

False Statements

A statement made by an individual that is not true, and is made with the intent to mislead. This also includes using falsified documents.


When an individual (typically an employee or person of trust over certain assets) steals money or property, usually in a corporate/business setting.

Sexual assault and Battery

Refers to any crime where the victim is subjected to or threatened with unwanted and offensive sexual offenses, or incurs any sort of physical harm.


When groups of people consort to run illegal businesses, or when organized crime rings use an actual business/organization to embezzle funds. Typically, multiple defendants are charged together.

Manufacture, distributing, dispensing, or possession of a controlled substance with the intent to manufacture, distribute, or dispense

Including marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, ecstasy, and more.

Obstruction of a criminal investigation

This can be used as a bit of a catch-all charge, but is often applied when a person actively attempts to disrupt an investigation through various means, such as misleading investigators or destroying evidence.


Even if you haven’t been formally charged with a crime, authorities can launch an investigation into your activities. Should that occur, you’ll face questions and may be asked to provide evidence backing up your claims.

Experience matters.

Michael C. Garrett has guided his clients through many criminal investigations of all types, ranging from embezzlement to mail fraud, murder to tax evasion, and more. Each investigation follows its own unique set of rules and government regulations granting authorities particular rights – but also you a different set of rights. No two cases are the same, and they require thorough examination by a criminal defense attorney to help you achieve the best outcome for each case.


Even if you aren’t being actively investigated or taken to court for a particular accusation, Michael Garrett can help with other special matters.


The term “expungement” refers to when specific record(s) are permanently removed from a person’s criminal record.  Once records have been expunged, it is as if the crime never happened and the person was never convicted of criminal activity.


If either a state or federal government seizes your property – whether it be a car, home, land, or anything else – you have a limited amount of time to act and claim it is rightfully yours. A claim must be submitted to the seizing agency, and if the agency files a complaint in court, then another claim must be sent to the courts.

Knowledge of the intricacies of this process and the best course of keeping your property – whether you’ve been charged with a crime or are an innocent third-party – comes from experience, and you won’t find anyone with more than Garrett.


The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) was established in 1970 and gives the federal government a way to indict those thought to be ringleaders issuing orders of criminal activity.

Violent Offenses

If you are facing charges for murder or any other crime of violence, it is critical that you have the best legal assistance possible. This requires representation by an experienced, capable defense lawyer with a record of success. Michael C. Garrett has over thirty years’ experience and understands the specialized and often unique issues involved in the investigation and trial of murder and other cases of violent crimes. He possesses the courtroom experience and trial skills necessary to take a violent crime case to trial and win. If a trial is not in the client’s best interest, he possesses the judgement and discernment to arrange a suitable trial resolution for the client.