fraud criminal defense Augusta, gaThere are various types of fraud charges than can be levied against a person. Michael C. Garrett specializes in defending fraud cases, including the following types of fraud: bank fraud, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, securities fraud, mail/wire fraud, healthcare fraud, and more.

Bank fraud covers fake checks, posing as a financial institution for unwarranted gain, forgery, mortgage fraud, accounting fraud, and fake loan applications, among other things.

Insurance fraud applies to all sorts of insurance: Auto, home, life, and more. For individuals, it typically involves filing false claims with the intent to receive more money from the insurance company. Insurers, however, can also be accused of insurance fraud, for acts such as attempting to extract more fees from their payees (fee churning) or knowingly denying payment for a legitimate claim.

Mortgage fraud often details an attempt by someone to obtain a mortgage with better rates (or a larger loan) through false information on the loan application.

Securities fraud (also known as investment fraud) occurs when investors are given false information to encourage them to make a purchase. Insider trading, stock manipulation, and other criminal investment-related charges fall under this category.

Augusta doesn’t see many mail fraud accusations, but in 1985 Garrett successfully defended his client, Peter Cranford, of 42 counts of mail fraud and related charges. Mail fraud typically revolves around using the mail or wiring services to intentionally mislead someone and steal money or property, and has been a felony since 1872.

Healthcare fraud involves promoting false medical practices, whether through ignorance or deception.

Garrett has taken cases involving accusations of client mismanagement, fraudulent bank transfers, and more to court for his clients in Augusta, Ga. and around the state.